In Army Special Operations, I specialized in helping elite performers and senior leaders perform at their best under high-stress situations. Throughout my decades-long career, I deployed to some of the most extreme environments, supporting Army Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Marine Raiders, and Special Mission Units on both unclassified and classified missions.

This interdisciplinary approach integrates best practices from behavioral sciences, organizational-business psychology, and executive coaching, to help innovative organizations recruit and develop top talent, invest in people, and thrive in their respective industries.

Sports Teams | Elite Athletes | Corporations | C-Suite | V-Level Executives | D-Level Management

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As in Special Operations, taking a comprehensive approach and investing in personal well-being empowers organizations to perform at their best. Authentic relationships are key – earning trust and showing you genuinely care about your people. Healthy people perform better and are more effective leaders.

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Talent Management

It’s about placing the right person in the right position to maximize individual and organizational success. Special Operations uses a comprehensive system to identify operators based on a variety of attributes. Professional and collegiate sports recruit the best athletes through scouting, free agency, and the draft. Effective leadership plays a crucial role in determining the long-term success of a company. As a result, corporations make significant investments in identifying the very best people to fill these positions. The right people are essential to success. Your organization can identify and select the best personnel using methods similar to those used for Special Operations.

Resiliency - Thriving Under Pressure

Despite operating in hostile environments, individuals working in Special Operations must maintain mission effectiveness. Elite athletes and senior leaders must perform at a high level while managing various stressors. Resiliency is a critical aspect of performing well under pressure. In the face of adversity, people don’t give up. Instead, they persevere, learn, overcome, and succeed.

Critical Thinking and Decision Making

As an executive coach, I specialize in leading individual and small group sessions for Special Operations personnel. My sessions focus on increasing self-awareness, strengthening critical thinking, and implementing effective solutions. I help my people develop the necessary tools and strategies to successfully adapt, plan, and execute their goals, even in unexpected or stressful circumstances or when resources and support are limited. I offer the same level of support to executives, managers, players, coaches, and other personnel to achieve their personal, team, and organizational objectives.

Team Cohesion and Leadership Development

In Special Operations, soldiers build strong bonds through shared experiences and a common culture. They rely on their teammates to protect them when their lives are on the line, and the success of their missions often depends on this trust. To achieve high performance, teams must understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and work together to minimize any potential issues while maximizing their collective strengths. The same testing and group feedback used in Special Operations to foster unit cohesion and effectiveness can also be applied in the worlds of sports and business.

Wellness and Holistic Support

Optimal health is crucial for peak performance and quality of life. Comprehensive support focused on the whole athlete – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational pillars. By providing support that promotes a healthy, stable, and fulfilling personal life, players, coaches, and staff, can remain focused on performance and winning championships. Likewise, it is crucial to support athletes in their transition to retirement in a healthy way.

Family Support

Personal relationships can be one of the biggest sources of stress in Special Operations. To help improve the quality of life for our families, I created a series of workshops covering topics such as stress management, developing resiliency in children, enhancing kids’ decision-making skills, coping with bereavement, and strengthening marriage relationships. By providing resources that promote a healthy and fulfilling family life, people can focus on their performance and the mission of the organization.

Behavioral Health and Crisis Management

Providing support to elite athletes and C-level executives is similar to the support in Special Operations. It involves meeting with them to better understand their concerns and acting as their liaison to arrange behavioral health services. By doing so, individuals within an organization can not only resolve problems that might hinder their performance but more importantly, live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Specialized Consultation

As someone who has provided support to Special Operations in various countries and under different conditions, I can assist your organization as well. As a consultant, I offer fresh perspectives that are tailored to address a wide range of challenges, situations, and objectives. My insights can help leaders optimize their potential, make informed decisions, and achieve their goals.

collage of sports and business services


Athletes, Individuals, & Teams

  • Improve performance and achieve individual and team goals
  • Fill gaps in knowledge, skills, or confidence that are obstacles to success
  • Identify core strengths and how to leverage them
  • Improved instruction and communication
  • Leadership Development and Team Building
  • Increase clarity to make effective decisions
  • Strengthening resiliency to take decisive action and achieve goals
  • Facilitate optimization by providing individual and group training through psychological assessment and feedback, workshops, and executive coaching
  • Wellness Coaching Services: Players are provided with a private and safe environment to develop healthy strategies to address various life stressors that don’t require therapy
  • Retirement Coaching Services: Provide coaching services to help players resolve issues such as struggling with the fact that they will no longer be active professional athletes and how that can impact their identity. Also, assist them in preparing for a second career and help the entire family make healthy adjustments post-athletic career life

Sports teams, Small Businesses, & Corporations

  • Modernize systems for evaluating and selecting Elite Athletes, senior executives, and other personnel
  • Streamline scouting, recruiting, and/or draft procedures for selecting players who are the best fit for the team
  • Strengthen executive presence, strategic planning, and decision-making
  • Manage and develop talent to maximize potential, leadership, and performance
  • Advise executives and senior leaders on developing strategies to improve organizational structures, procedures, and resource operations
  • Improve inter-departmental cooperation to optimize efficiency and effectiveness
  • Generate action and improve performance at the highest level
  • Consultation Services: Provide consultation in determining the best options to support players, such as coaching services, psycho-education workshops, or clinical care

Customized Executive Coaching


I am an Associate Certified Coach credentialed through the International Coaching Federation, the gold standard in coaching. Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches to enhance leadership skills and boost performance under high-pressure, stressful circumstances. My role involves partnering with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. Ultimately, my mission is to help you achieve your goals and reach higher levels of performance by:

  • Creating awareness and facilitating learning
  • Thinking more strategically and sharpening decision-making
  • Managing, prioritizing, and delegating effectively
  • Generating action and improving performance

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Frequency: 2-4 times per month



Teams / Businesses

  • Cognitive Bias Mitigation & Evidence-based Interviewing of Elite Performers
  • Developing Critical Thinking and Decision-making
  • Strengthening Resiliency

For Families

  • Developing Critical Thinking and Decision-Making Skills in our Children
  • Strengthening Resiliency in our Families
  • Grief Support for Families
  • Misinformation and Disinformation Education

Duration: 2 hours

My Background

There has been no greater honor than to walk alongside the men and women under my care. My most rewarding experiences have been during deployments, where I lived in challenging conditions with my special operators and provided them with support for the mission. I became a trusted agent, their “doc,” whom they sought out and depended upon for both personal and professional support.

As I retire from military service, I remain passionate about supporting elite performers and senior leaders, and the sports and corporate worlds are the ideal fit. Drawing from my extensive experience, I offer a distinct viewpoint and effective solutions to complex challenges aimed at improving quality of life and achieving a competitive edge.


I cultivate authentic relationships with my clients by taking the time to get to know them. In 22 years of military service, I have found that genuine relationships and truly caring about people are the foundations for helping them grow and succeed.

People drive innovation. When our people realize we care about them, they trust us, and when they trust us, they seek us out for support. When we help people identify their purpose and recognize what inspires them, they are driven to succeed and achieve their full potential.

My role is to partner with my clients by observing and listening to them to determine their developmental needs; then advise and make recommendations, and support them in executing their plans.

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